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AC/DC Battery Charger for Hitachi VM-BPL13A 

AC/DC Battery Charger for Hitachi VM-BPL13A
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Compatible the following Numbers:

High Performance Turbo Charger
Input Voltage (AC): 100-240V
Input Voltage (DC): 12V
LED Indicators for Charging Status
Overcharge Protection
Compact,accepts worldwide voltages,and can be used in home and car
Brand new, 1 year warranty!

Works for Hitachi camcorders:

Hitachi VM Series
VM-645LA, VM-945LA

Hitachi VM-D Series
VM-D865LA, VM-D965LA, VM-D873LA,
VM-D875LA, VM-D965, VM-D965LA,

Hitachi VM-E Series
VM-E340A, VM-E340E, VM-E350A,
VM-E368E, VM-E368LE, VM-E455LA,
VM-E465LA, VM-E530A, VM-E535LA,
VM-E540LA, VM-E545LA, VM-E545LS,
VM-E555, VM-E555LA, VM-E563LE,
VM-E565, VM-E565LA, VM-E568E,
VM-E568LE, VM-E573LA, VM-E575LE,
VM-E635LA, VM-E645LA, VM-E645LA, V
M-E755LA, VM-E835LA, VM-E855LA,

Hitachi VM-H Series
VM-H100LA, VM-H575LA, VM-H635A,
VM-H640A, VM-H650, VM-H650A,
VM-H655LA, VM-H665LA, VM-H675LA,
VM-H70E, VM-H755, VM-H755LA,
VM-H765LA, VM-H768LE, VM-H775LE,
VM-H835LA, VM-H845L, VM-H845LA,
VM-H855LA, VM-H91E, VM-H945LA,

Hitachi Visionbook Traveller Series
Visionbook Traveller,
VisionBook Traveller 600,
VisionBook Traveller 3000
Tag: AC/DC Battery Charger for Hitachi VM-BPL13A